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The High Trend Approach

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Public Lighting Infrastructure

Acquire streetlighting assets through public lighting concessions providing steady contractual long-term cash flow and key real estate for next generation connectivity

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Small Cells
and Fiber

Partner with telecoms and infrastructure companies to develop new high-speed fiber and 4G and 5G small cell connectivity

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Utilize the connectivity of fiber and small-cells along with naturally densified public lighting assets to deliver smart city technology

High Trend is a team of experts and executives from the Telecom, Infrastructure and Smart City spaces committed to building better communities for all stakeholders

700,000+ LEDs

being installed by High Trend and its consortium partners across 4 cities in Brazil, providing a safer more sustainable environment for all citizens.

Our Goals


City-wide connectivity networks and connected infrastructure enhance the lives of all stakeholders in our communities


Additional and more effective street lighting, together with greater connectivity will make our communities more secure


The conversion of streetlamps to more efficient LED fixtures, combined with intelligent dimming, make a significant impact on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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