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LEDs provide a 60% reduction in electricity consumption compared to the existing High-Pressure Sodium (“HPS”) technology

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LEDs have no mercury or lead and don’t release poisonous gases if damaged and have lower environmental impacts across their product lifecycle than HPS

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The Rio project alone is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 210,000 tons a year; the equivalent of removing 45,000 cars from the road annually 

High Trend's projects deliver a number of substantial impacts that improves quality of life for all stakeholders in the communities we work 

Recognition of Our Impact

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Featured project of US Delegation at COP26 in Glasgow

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Sustainability Project
Bond of The Year


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Impact of Rio de Janeiro Project Audited by Sustainalytics

 “Our investment in Smart Rio will modernize city lighting and other key features and promote a climate-friendly infrastructure model that can be replicated elsewhere to benefit people, communities, and the environment."

- DFC Acting CEO Dev Jagadesan

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